caffeine alternative

CBD-Infused Caffeine Alternative

January 19, 2018

Please note: this product has been discontinued. Shop our other CBD edibles here. Coffee consumption is incredibly popular, however, there are many who choose to forgo a cup of joe in the morning. Some don’t particularly like the flavor while others are trying to avoid the side effects of drinking coffee.  You may also be looking for an alternative to coffee for health reasons. While there are benefits …


CBD infused edibless

When to Choose CBD Infused Edibles

December 19, 2017

CBD edibles are familiar products infused with the benefits of CBD. Made to mask the flavor of hemp, they are an enjoyable way to take CBD and appeal to a wide range of consumers. However, with the many products on the market, why choose CBD edibles? Learn more about CBD infused edibles to discover when …


cbd tincture right for me

Is a CBD Tincture the Right Fit for You?

December 7, 2017

CBD tinctures are a popular method of CBD consumption. They are a convenient and affordable option that is easy to incorporate into a daily routine. But are tinctures the right fit for you? Learn more about CBD tinctures to discover the benefits of this CBD supplement. What is a CBD Tincture? A CBD tincture is …


why place CBD oil under the tongue

Why Place CBD Oil Under the Tongue?

November 14, 2017

Products containing CBD oil come in many different forms, such as oils, capsules, infused edibles, and topical solutions. Each product has its own method of dispensing. To receive the full benefits of CBD, it is important to take the product as intended. In the form of an oil, CBD is best received when placed under …


how many cbd drops take

How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

November 8, 2017

If you’re new to CBD oil products, you may be wondering how many drops of CBD oil you should take. While there’s not exactly a standard answer to this question, there are some things to consider when deciding your serving size. Before you Take CBD Oil Before you begin using CBD oil, you should do …


CBD gummy bears

CBD Gummy Bears

November 2, 2017

There are many people who take their daily supplement in the form of a gummy. Gummy bears are made in an assortment of fruit flavors and are a tasty part of your nutritional routine. Nutritional gummies aren’t limited to kids, either. Browse the supplements section of your local grocer and you’ll find a myriad of …


CBD Oil Effects

CBD Oil Effects

October 26, 2017

CBD oil is the main ingredient in all our Tasty Hemp Oil products. The effects of CBD oil continue to be studied as exciting new potential benefits begin to emerge. We always encourage our customers to do their own research and discover CBD oil effects for themselves. What is CBD Oil? CBD oil (or cannabidiol …


cbd oil for sleep

CBD Oil for Sleep

October 18, 2017

The importance of a good night’s rest is well known, yet we often fall into a habit of poor sleeping patterns. A lack of sleep may be intentional; however, there are times when it is difficult to avoid a sleepless night. Racing thoughts don’t always quiet easily.  If you have difficulty falling asleep and don’t want the undesirable side effects of conventional sleep …


Hemp Oil Side Effects

Hemp Oil Side Effects

October 12, 2017

Hemp oil is a CBD-rich oil extracted from the hemp plant and used in a variety of products that promote well-being. In recent years, many benefits of CBD hemp oil have been studied and reported on. The positive response regarding CBD may have piqued your interest, but you may have more questions regarding the side …


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