4 Things To Know Before Buying CBD

September 12, 2018

When first looking at CBD products, the amount of information to take in can be very intimidating. To help clear the air, here are 4 things you need to know before buying CBD.   1. CBD Does Come From Cannabis This should only be surprising to people completely new to CBD, but yes, it is …


Difference Between CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and cannabis oil.

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Cannabis Oil?

July 6, 2018

With the different kind of cannabis oils on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate products. It takes time to learn the specific terminology used in the industry. As a new consumer, this can be confusing when deciding which product to purchase. In this blog, we are going to clarify the difference between three common oils: CBD oil Hemp seed oil Cannabis oil These oils …


Small Wins of a Wellness Journey

June 14, 2018

We understand working towards or maintaining health is not always a glamorous journey. The road to wellness can appear difficult—even impossible. Often times, however, we are focused on the big picture. When we’re standing at the base of a mountain, it is easy to become overwhelmed. If we approach each step individually, the journey becomes more manageable. The same can be said for a wellness goal. We’re here …


cbd endocannabinoid system

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

June 11, 2018

Learning about the possibilities of CBD as a wellness supplement is encouraging, but it leaves us with questions. Most specifically, how exactly does CBD work? For many of us, it is important to understand how a supplement affects our body. Through testimonials, news reports, and research, we’ve heard that CBD is an effective health supplement; …


does cbd have thc

Does CBD Oil Have THC?

April 30, 2018

When introduced to CBD oil, it is normal to question if it has THC—the psychotropic compound of the cannabis plant. While hemp-derived CBD oil is non-intoxicating, the answer to, “does CBD oil have THC?” necessitates a conversation. To understand the relationship between CBD oil and THC, we must discuss a few topics in further detail. We understand that it would be easiest for you to read …


how to talk cbd hemp oil family

How to Introduce Family and Friends to Hemp Oil

April 13, 2018

Once we experience the benefit of hemp oil, we’re eager to share our knowledge with, well, just about everyone. We want the best for our loved ones and can see the potential hemp oil could offer them. However, recommending hemp oil isn’t as easy as, say, suggesting a new restaurant. Not only are we dealing with a natural supplement, we are also working within the …


Terpenes Blog

An Introduction to Terpenes

March 2, 2018

At Tasty Hemp Oil, we flavor our Tasty Drops naturally with terpenes. That sounds great, but what are terpenes? This component of the cannabis plant plays an important role, so let’s dive into the basics. Terpenes are aromatic compounds created by a plant. Many plants form terpenes, including citrus fruits, pine, lavender, and, yes, cannabis. In …


Be Proactive About Stress: Five Daily Habits

February 15, 2018

There are plenty of tips on how to manage stress once you’re amidst it. But what if we were able to stop stress before it happened? Well, to a certain extent, we can. There are habits in life that, when practiced routinely, can diminish the amount of stress we incur. Granted, some stressors are simply …


What is CBD Learn Basics Cannabidiol

What is CBD? The Basics to Get Started

February 2, 2018

Between personal testimonies and current research, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the compound CBD. Many are buzzing over the potential benefits of this compound, including the scientific community. After hearing about CBD on the news or from a friend, you may be interested in learning more for yourself. Here are the basics to get you started: CBD is …


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