How Do CBD Oil Products Work?

How Do CBD Oil Products Work?

CBD hemp oil has a wide variety of uses and comes in several different forms. Many of our customers enjoy using it as a dietary supplement taken alone or added to food. Some also swear by its ability to moisturize the skin naturally. You aren’t the only one that can benefit from CBD oil products, your pets can too! Pets can take CBD hemp oil as a supplement but it can also be used to care for their skin and coat.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. What makes this cannabinoid different from the others is its non-psychoactive and therapeutic uses. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC and has been proven to actually work to counteract those properties that get you “high”.

The Different Types of Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Products

  • Tincture Extracts – Tincture extracts are commonly used sublingually (under the tongue). This is a very popular way to consume CBD oil for supporting overall wellness. This variety will have an earthy taste but some have added flavor to mellow out the natural hemp flavor to make it more palatable for some.
  • For Pets – Don’t forget about your pets! Hemp can benefit animals as well as humans. The main uses for animals are oral supplements for joint and anxiety relief as well as support for healthy skin and coat.
  • Soft Gels – If you want something that’s quick and flavorless, the soft gel supplements are a very easy and discreet option.
  • Cocoas – If you’re looking for a sweet treat that has benefits too, one of the edible options is a fun way to get your nutrients.
  • Lip Balm – Packed with nourishing oils, this lip balm will keep your lips smooth 24/7. You will never want to use another lip balm again.

What are the Side Effects?

There are not many known side effects of taking more CBD oil products than the label recommends. When above the average amount of CBD has been ingested, some have found that they are more tired than usual or may even have an upset stomach. While these side effects are very mild, they can be avoided by carefully building up your serving sizes.

Learn More About CBD Oil Products

If you’re still curious about how CBD oil products work, check out our educational page here. With all of the different forms of products, you are sure to find a product perfect for you. When you order from Tasty Hemp Oil you can be positive that you’re receiving the highest quality CBD hemp oil products.

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