How to Introduce Family and Friends to Hemp Oil

How to Introduce Family and Friends to Hemp Oil

Once we experience the benefit of hemp oil, we’re eager to share our knowledge with, well, just about everyone. We want the best for our loved ones and can see the potential hemp oil could offer them. However, recommending hemp oil isn’t as easy as, say, suggesting a new restaurant. Not only are we dealing with a natural supplement, we are also working within the cannabis space, which comes with its own obstacles. Although a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis, hemp can still carry the stigma of marijuana.

While enthusiastic about hemp oil, we may be unsure of how to suggest it to others. For those interested in introducing hemp oil to family and friends, here are some tips for having a conversation about hemp.

Start with Your Story

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When having a conversation about hemp oil, one of your best tools is your own experience. Telling your story helps you to connect with the person you are speaking with. People are receptive to personal experiences and are more likely to be open to a product if they see positive results in others. By being honest about your journey, you build trust with your listener.

Provide the Right Information

The first thing to expect when introducing a loved one to hemp oil is questions and a lot of them. Someone who is unfamiliar with hemp is bound to inquire about the efficacy and legality. When speaking with someone entirely new to hemp oil, initial confusion is to be expected. Think back to your first introduction to hemp. What are some of the questions that you had?

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We want to make sure we are equipped with the right information to answer questions correctly. We suggest going over the basics with a reputable online source to confirm that the answers you have are accurate. If you need, bring the documents with you to share. Sometimes others explain information better than we can.

A few questions to be prepared for: what is hemp? Will it get me high? Is it legal?

And most commonly: how will it help me?

Talking About the Effects of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is being studied for several therapeutic benefits. With research, we can uncover the effects of hemp oil. We encourage you to find reliable sources regarding the current research of hemp oil.

It’s helpful to remember that we’re not doctors (well, not all of us are) and we don’t have the answers to everything. It is okay to admit where your knowledge ends.  It is not our responsibility to treat or diagnose a specific condition, nor should we. Our goal to start a conversation and answer questions to the best of our ability. If a loved one is considering taking CBD, we should encourage them to talk with a physician to discover a proper routine. Be prepared to lead your friend or family member to the right sources for more information.

Be Understanding of the Situation

The person you are conversing with may be going through a difficult time. We need to be aware of the circumstances and match our tone to the situation. Let the person know you are coming from a place of compassion. Listen attentively and be sympathetic.

Prepare for a “No”

Be prepared to hear a definite “no” right away. Not everyone will be willing to try hemp oil. For some, a natural solution may not hold appeal; for others, the relation between hemp and marijuana may be a deterrent. A person is not wrong for declining to try hemp oil and we should respect the decision of others.

At the same time, also prepare for a “yes”. If encouraged by your conversation, the next step for your loved one is to find a hemp oil product that works well for them. Remember, everybody is different and what works for you may not be the best option for someone else. Lead the person to high-quality sources that can assist them in finding the right product.

Hemp oil has had a positive impact on many and the information surrounding it continues to expand. If you have any questions regarding hemp oil, we encourage you to check out our blog and reach out to our knowledgeable team.

Have you introduced a friend or family member to hemp oil? What was your experience? Let us know!

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