How to Share CBD with Family This Holiday Season

How to Share CBD with Family This Holiday Season

With Christmas almost upon us, family get-togethers are right around the corner. While the food, music, and presents make up most of these parties, there is one part that some people dread: small-talk. The art of talking to that one aunt you see once a year who is way too curious about your life.

If you use CBD, there is a great chance that it can come up in these lovely (or dreaded) conversations with family members. To be prepared for the onslaught questions from Aunt Susie once she hears you use CBD, be sure to read on!

Sharing CBD vs Selling: What To Keep In Mind

Before we go on to the questions you might need to answer, let’s be sure to remember a few things. If you are being asked about CBD, chances are you have a chance to clear up some “fake news” for your family members (such as the difference between hemp and marijuana). Doing this could lead to your family trying CBD themselves and improving their health!

Even with that being said, be sure not to go overboard when it comes to educating family. Your goal isn’t to sell a product, that’s our job, your goal should be to educate and tell your own personal story. If you sell too hard, your family will think there is an ulterior motive, when you only really want them to be healthy.

Being someone who knows their CBD, you should want nothing more than to help them become knowledgeable about this new product. Also, if you are successful in educating them and they seem interested in trying our product, be sure to give them coupon code “HAPPYHOLIDAYS” to get 10% off their first purchase!

The 5 Questions You’ll Be Asked (With Answers)

When discussing CBD with your family, these are the 5 questions you are likely to be asked.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD is indeed legal, according to the 2014 Farm Bill. Explain this to Aunt Susie by describing while CBD is derived from the hemp plant, just like marijuana, it has very different effects for those who use it. On top of this, our CBD is derived from industrial hemp, which means that it contains less than 0.3% THC, making it legal according to the 2014 farm bill. There is also a new farm bill which is about to be approved by the President which will make hemp an agricultural commodity, meaning it will be able to be grown and cultivated in every US state!

So Wait, Does It Get You High?

Aunt Susie will probably hit you with this follow-up, which is very easily answered by explaining that CBD has no THC, which is the substance found in marijuana which results in a “high”.

What’s the Difference Between CBD and THC?

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While CBD and THC are both chemicals found in the hemp plant, the slight difference in chemical makeup goes a long way to differentiate the two. For a simple explanation, describe to Aunt Susie they are two different substances: CBD has a calming effect, while THC once again results in a “high” feeling.

How Do You Take It?

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CBD comes in many different forms. Whether it be in tinctures, concentrates, or even edibles such as chocolate or gummies. One of the greatest things about CBD is the variety of ways you can take it, flexibility like this is unheard of with other products in the health industry.

What Are the Benefits of Using CBD?

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We can report that our customers use our products for such things as anxiety and inflammation. It also helps us relax, provides a calming effect as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.  There are many other benefits to using CBD oil, but when talking to a relative we recommend you explain why you personally use CBD and the benefits you have seen. Your own personal experience with CBD will trump any sort of statistic you memorized beforehand.

Resources That Can Help Your Family Members

If your family is curious to learn more, we have a free E-Book you can download by subscribing to our newsletter! In it, we have stuffed a lot more information about CBD. Once you get your email containing the e-book, feel free to forward it to anyone, or even print it out to have on hand at the yearly Christmas party.


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