Be Proactive About Stress: Five Daily Habits

Be Proactive About Stress: Five Daily Habits

There are plenty of tips on how to manage stress once you’re amidst it. But what if we were able to stop stress before it happened? Well, to a certain extent, we can. There are habits in life that, when practiced routinely, can diminish the amount of stress we incur.

Granted, some stressors are simply unavoidable. However, being proactive about stress gives us room to handle these events in a healthy manner. The key is not to overwhelm ourselves with stress, rather create a space where stress can be managed gracefully.

Here are five daily habits to help you control the stress in your life.

Make manageable lists and stick to them

Spend time each morning visualizing your day and write down what you want the day to look like. What do you need to do to get there? Make an attainable list. Setting clear intentions gives you control over the day and makes you better equipped to handle life’s surprises.

Get your most easy/difficult task done first

A quick search for “what tasks should I do first” will give you varied answers. Some suggest weaning in with an easy task while others encourage you to tackle your hardest task first.

So, which is best? The answer isn’t absolute, as we all work differently.

Take a moment to consider your work ethic. Are you easily overwhelmed when you have many tasks? Completing a few small tasks may clear your mind and allow you to tackle more difficult tasks. If you struggle with procrastination, taking that most difficult task head-on may be best.

Working with your strengths will help you become a better worker. This applies not just to corporate work, but to daily tasks as well. The more productive you train yourself to be, the less stress you’ll accumulate over time.

Focus on the positive

Stress comes in more forms than just tasks. Worries over financials, relationships, and the future can heighten our stress levels. Put simply, positive thinking can help eliminate chaotic thoughts that keep our mind from living in the present. Doing so is easier said than done, however, and it takes time to become a habit. Find a tool that works best for you, whether it be affirmations, journaling, or practicing gratitude.

Take self-care into account

Self-care is possibly the most overlooked stress management tool. How we manage our wellbeing directly affects how we manage stress. Take time out of each day to care for yourself. Make yourself a priority and you’ll be better able to help yourself and others. Self-care can take many forms, including working out, yoga, walking, journaling, and eating healthy.

Make a plan

Even with purposeful daily action, stress always seems to find a way into our lives. Being prepared to take on stress will diminish the time spent managing it. If we can approach stress in a logical manner, it will lessen our emotional response to it.

What is the most effective way you have found to manage stress? Share below!

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