What is the Proper CBD Oil Serving Size?

What is the Proper CBD Oil Serving Size?

Like all wellness supplements, the serving size is important for proper use and best results. CBD oil serving sizes are different for everyone because everyone’s bodies have individual needs. There are many different CBD hemp oil products on the market that are divided into many categories. These different categories will have diverse potency levels resulting in varying serving sizes.

Start Small

We recommend starting small to help you figure out the proper amount for you. Depending on what product you choose, there will be different intake instructions. We recommend following the label’s serving suggestions for at least one week to see how you feel and to get your own understanding of how the product affects you.

Many people will find the recommended serving to be enough for their purposes but some may find that adding more is beneficial. There is not much absolute research to confirm an exact serving size for CBD; this is why it is recommended that you take CBD as labeled to find your comfortable serving size independently.

What are the Different Forms of CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD hemp oil has a wide variety of intended uses and comes in several different forms. Many Tasty Hemp Oil customers enjoy using hemp oil as a nutritional supplement taken alone or added to food. Some love its ability to moisturize the skin naturally. Humans aren’t the only group that can benefit from CBD oil- your pets can as well! Pets can ingest CBD hemp oil as a supplement and it can also be used to give them healthier skin and fur.

Our Products

Tasty Hemp Oil offers a wide variety of CBD oil products, so you’re certain to find one that works for you. Finding your ideal serving size can take time, but the results are well worth it.

Still, Have More Questions?

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