5 Steps To Revamp Your Busy Day

5 Steps To Revamp Your Busy Day

Whether it’s your job, family or other obligations, it can be hard to find ways to work around your daily routine. Here are 5 steps on how you can revamp your busy day!

1. Know What’s On Your Plate

Before you can dive in and try to alter your routine, it’s important to first know the ins and outs of your current one. Which responsibilities are important enough to stay untouched, and which ones are more flexible. For example, it’s obvious you will be more willing to work around your Netflix binging than your son’s basketball games. However, when it comes to finding priority between two important things, it can get tricky.

This is when knowing the “ranking” of importance every item has. Being mindful of this will allow you to change your busy routine without negatively influencing your biggest priorities. Changing a busy schedule is only worth it if you don’t neglect the crucial obligations. Researchers are finding physical schedules, preferably handwritten, make us more efficient, primarily because we retain information more efficiently if you write it. Even for those who are not as visual, this will assist you in not overlooking anything.

2. Find Openings In Your Schedule

Now that you know what is important and what isn’t, you can now look over your schedule and prioritize it. This the easiest step of the 5, especially when having your physical schedule as a reference to go off of.

writing down schedule

3. Make Changes Right For You

You know yourself better than anyone else, so be honest with yourself when it comes to making schedule changes- choosing the options you know are most important and productive. When making changes, try to do a little at a time, huge schedule changes have a greater chance to negatively impact other portions of your life. It is much better to start off slow and add small adjustments over time than it is to make sweeping changes immediately. Smaller changes are much easier to adjust to, which could be as simple as waking up 10 minutes earlier each morning. A couple of small improvements like this can have as much of an effect as one huge change.

4. Test It Out

Now that you have your changes all laid out, it’s time to try them out. So as much as you want to invest in a cool neon sign which spells out your schedule, hold off and test it first. Expect the unexpected, even if you made one slight change, it can possibly affect more than what you expect it to. If you fail once or twice, don’t sweat it, that’s why you’re testing it in the first place. Change isn’t easy, and forcing change (even if it is for a good cause) is a process in and of itself. Asking a close friend or significant other to act as an accountability partner is a good option if you want to hold yourself to these improvements to your day-to-day.

5. Optimize And Finalize

Now that you have tested out your changes, it’s time to finalize them. Whether your first test was a total success, or you’ve gone through many different schedules while you tried to pick the right one for you, it’s time to make it happen. By this time, you should be in a good groove from testing and are ready to make it a reality. Now that you have optimized your day, it may sound odd, but be sure to schedule downtime to relax into your schedule! Setting aside time to invest in yourself can result in many physical benefits, such as reducing stress. When you are ready to relax, be sure to check out our CBD products!


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