Small Wins of a Wellness Journey

Small Wins of a Wellness Journey

We understand working towards or maintaining health is not always a glamorous journey. The road to wellness can appear difficult—even impossible. Often times, however, we are focused on the big picture. When we’re standing at the base of a mountain, it is easy to become overwhelmed. If we approach each step individually, the journey becomes more manageable. The same can be said for a wellness goal.

We’re here to remind you of the small wins that come with the journey of health. While these may not seem like traditional “wins” in your book, we’d like to change the narrative to see them as achievements.

You Feel Like Giving Up

Reaching a goal can be a series of falling and picking ourselves back up again. When the first (or second, or third) hardship hits, our knee-jerk reaction is to give up. This is a universally felt emotion. We must remind ourselves: we can’t feel like giving up unless we’ve actually started.

Wanting to give up means that you’ve actually started. 

When we feel like giving up, we should congratulate ourselves on reaching the point where we’re at. Even if it feels like we’ve returned to where we started, the work we’ve put in has made us a stronger, more knowledgeable person. That in itself shows progress. 

You’re Having Trouble Keeping Up

It may be in a workout class or it may be in general. Sometimes we feel like we simply cannot keep up. The truth is, no one is perfect at the get-go. Putting in an effort shows dedication; a struggle means progress is on the horizon.


Having trouble keeping up means that you’re applying yourself.

Our journey is unique; where we are at is where we need to be. We should show ourselves kindness and continue to push towards our goals. With practice, we will surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish.

You Have to Ask for Help

As humans, we are hesitant to ask for help. There may come a time, however, where we cannot move forward without assistance. Whether we need the knowledge of a professional or support of a friend, asking for help is a sign of commitment. It means that we are willing to put ego aside to obtain our goals.

Asking for help shows a commitment to reaching your goals.

If we’ve reached a point where we feel like to need to reach out for help, we should do so. A community is an important part of growth and recovery. We should embrace the support of others and look forward to the day we’re in a position to reach a hand out to someone else.

You Don’t Reach Your Goals in Time

It may be taking longer than we expected to reach our goals. Perhaps we’ve set a deadline for ourselves that has since past. While it is great to set goals for ourselves, just because we don’t reach them in time doesn’t mean that we haven’t progressed. In fact, missing a goal simply means that we had the confidence in ourselves to set the bar high.

Not reaching your goals in time means you’re aiming high.

You’re Starting Over

It’s possible this isn’t the first time we’ve tried to maintain a health goal. It’s possible it’s not our second, either. No matter the reason we halted, we must forgive ourselves and begin again. Having the strength to climb the mountain once again is something to be proud of.

Starting over is telling yourself that you deserve a second chance.

Reaching Your Goals with Tasty Hemp Oil

At Tasty Hemp Oil, our goal is to walk alongside you during your wellness journey. We formulate our hemp oil products to be a nutritional part of your wellness routine. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of hemp oil, visit our blog or give us a call! 


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