Winterizing CBD – What Is It?

Winterizing CBD – What Is It?

If you are a grizzled veteran of the health-industry when it comes to cannabidiol (CBD), you have probably heard of the term “winterizing.” As cannabis research continues, the term itself is becoming very important to the current state of the scientific community.

Winterization is an optional step in the process of extracting CBD. Before we dive into the ins and outs of it, we must first discuss the process of extracting the CBD from the hemp plant.

What is Winterization?

Winterizing is an extraction process which further purifies a hemp extract. When this method is being employed, the hemp oil is soaked in alcohol and then frozen to separate out the waxes. The final product has a maple-syrup like consistency and is dark in color.

After winterization, our hemp oil is processed into a CBD isolate. As we discussed in a previous blog, CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD. CBD isolate contains no other phytonutrients and is THC-free. With THC being the compound which gives the “high” other cannabis byproducts are known for, like Marijuana, being THC-free allows for more flexibility in how you can enjoy cannabis.

Extracting CBD from Hemp

hemp field

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active compound found in the hemp plant. By extracting it, cannabinoids such as CBD are separated from the plant matter in the form of an oil.

Our hemp oil is extracted using the CO2 method. During CO2 extraction, hemp is put under high pressure and low temperatures, which eliminates the need for harsh chemical use. While this is a complex and time intensive method, it is the cleanest and safest method of extraction and ensures a pure CBD product.

After CO2 extraction, we are left with a hemp oil concentrate. Raw concentrates have a thick, paste-like consistency and contain all the available phytonutrients from the hemp plant.

In this form, we have what is known as full-spectrum hemp oil. From here, the hemp oil can be used in a variety of products or consumed as is. However, CBD can be refined further in a process known as winterization.

Why is Winterization Important?

A primary reason why winterizing is the resulting THC-free CBD products. Using a product that contains THC can limit consumers, especially ones who are asked to pass drug tests. Being able to enjoy the many benefits of CBD should be as stress-free as possible.

While we do not utilize winterizing (Tasty doesn’t offer vape products), our sister company Alternate Vape does, which makes their vapes 100% THC-free. Alternate Vape has chosen to use this method because winterizing prevents the buildup of cuticle wax in the lungs. Keep in mind, this is only a byproduct of vaping CBD, and there are no studies that have proven this to be true. Smoking other forms of cannabis wouldn’t result in a buildup, as the wax is burned away due to the higher temperature compared to vape pens.

Alternate Vape Tincture

To learn more about vaping CBD, be sure to check out our partners at Alternate Vape!

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